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Beautiful E-book Of Quotes From Trailblazing Women Copy 3

An e-book of motivational quotes and tips from your favourite trailblazing women of colour that have been featured in Glowreel.

Exclusive Glowreel Stickers

Eco friendly sticker pack with 5 exclusive Glowreel stickers to decorate your laptop, notebook, drink bottle or suitcase!

Meet The Founder Of Glowreel!

Meet our founder, Shilpa Bhim, for 30 minute virtual (or irl) coffee. You can pick Shilpa's brain about anything you want - If she doesn't know the answer to your questions, she'll connect you with someone who does.

Guaranteed Community Shoutout

Nominate a BIPOC woman for a guaranteed community shoutout to appear in the newsletter. It could you be, a friend, or someone you know who deserves a shoutout.

Limited Edition Glowreel Tote Bag

This limited edition Glowreel Tote Bag comes in a cream coloured, 100% cotton canvas bag and has one large main compartment and reinforced shoulder straps.

Limited Edition 'POWERFUL' Embroidered Hoodie By Glowreel

Glowreel x AS Colour Hoodie (ethically sourced and produced - saving approx. 4 500ml plastic bottles from landfill). Embroidered with 'POWERFUL' and the Glowreel logo.
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