Why Women Of Colour Can't Quiet Quit

Someone asked me why I do what I do with Glowreel recently. My response? Because women of colour do cool shit, and we should know about it!

So on that note,

Let's get glowing


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News Roundup 📰

Can you quiet quit if you’re a woman of colour? 💁🏾‍♀️


Is quiet quitting even an option for us? 👩🏾‍💻 You’ve probably heard of the ‘quiet quitting’ trend. ICYMI, it’s not actually about quitting your job. It’s quitting the idea of going above and beyond. Aka, letting go of hustle culture because #nomoregirlbossing

BUT, quiet quitting may not be an option for us. This study found women of colour can be seen as troublemakers for trying to establish workplace boundaries. And this analysis by Zee Feed highlights how we try to be the ‘model minority’ so we don’t want to squander future opportunities for other women of colour. No wonder women of colour experience the highest levels of burnout in the workplace! But also here are some practical ways to work through burnout at work + figure out if quiet quitting is an option for you.


It’s all about the money 🤑 Hero Cosmetics - home of the Mighty Patch - has been acquired for $630 million (USD). The brand was founded in 2017 by Ju Rhyu, and is available worldwide.

Speaking of millions, Pezesha has raised $11 million. The fintech startup, founded by Hilda Moraa - also in 2017, helps small businesses access finance to grow.

Extra Nuggets 👀

Glowreel Recos

What we’re loving this week:

Listen - Pritt. The London based Tamil musician makes the most hypnotising east-meets-west R&B music. I also had the pleasure of meeting her recently and she is as stunning (inside and out) as her voice.

Make - I have been obsessed with Marion’s Kitchen on TikTok. Like, all I do is scroll and drool at her delicious recipes! 🤤 My two faves that you need to make are 1) garlic bread, but make it Asian, and 2) chilli crisp + ice cream - spoiler alert, you’ll need to do a maccas run for this one…

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Trailblazing Women Interviews

Every week, we spotlight a trailblazing woman of colour founder or community leader. These women are established in their field and use their platform/product and voice to empower others. Our trailblazing woman interviews will be back from next week. (ICYMI, you can catch up on some previous ones here).

Community Shoutouts

We also want to spotlight more of our community in the newsletter too! So we’re also going to start doing community shoutouts 🎉. Because it’s fun to hear more about the cool things that we’re all doing!

Let us know if you - or someone you know - is doing or starting something cool and want to be featured! We’d love to share more about you.

How's 'Something Cool' Defined?

Some examples: you’ve just started up a book club to meet people, you’re creating artistic makeup looks because you love to get creative, you’re doing some research and want to hear from women of colour. So many cool things! 😎

Lioness Thoughts

Dreams and reality are opposites. Action synthesizes them.

Assata Shakur

January 19, 2023
Shilpa Bhim