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Happy New Year! I know, I know .. we’re nearly in February. Better late than never though right?!

I’ve been away (duh). Taking a much needed break and planning ahead for Glowreel in 2022. Get excited, there’s lots coming up. Including updates to the newsletter! (But first, I will consult you).

Tomorrow is 26 January, aka Australia Day or Invasion Day. (ICYMI: Glowreel HQ is in Australia). To my First Nations friends and audience, I stand with you and will continue to highlight the incredible work of women in the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities.

Let's get glowing!


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There’s a new Black Barbie in town!

A Whole Series Of Firsts To See Out 2021

What we all look like reading the weekly Glowreel newsletter 👀 ; Image via Unsplash

REPRESENTATION: Ida B. Wells is the latest addition to the Barbie Inspiring Women Series. Wells was a pioneering journalist and outspoken activist for civil rights and women’s suffrage.

See also: And Just Like That, The Sex And The City reboot is making headlines for lots of different reasons, including that sari (well, lehenga) moment. And I couldn’t help but wonder... Yes, representation of BIPOC matters - but can it be done properly, please?

INSPIRATION: Cynthia Chavez Lamar will be the first Native American woman to serve as director of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian.

See also: Polar Preet completed her solo trek to Antarctica, making her the first woman of colour to do so. #proudmoment

EMPOWERMENT: Professor Jakelin Troy is keeping Indigenous Australian languages alive. "Our language is not a language that has no future.

See also: Health In Her Hue is empowering Black women to access culturally sensitive care.


You need to listen to: Nakkiah Lui and Miranda Tapsell’s original audible series, Debutante: Race, Resistance and Girl Power.

You’re in for a GREAT listen. The series provides you with an insight on what it means to be a black debutante, in a society that views debutantes as prim, proper and incredibly white.

This week’s reco is brought to you by Mel Wytan, Glowreel’s research and strategy queen.

Extra Nuggets

7 Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Women You Need To Know

  • Sari-Ella Thaiday - a makeup artist and creator who uses her platforms to share the stories and history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
  • Nakkiah Lui - actor, writer and comedian. And the most fabulous woman in the world!
  • Emma MacNeill - blogger and artist, who’s committed to empowering every woman through her work 👏🏾
  • Fallon Gregory - one of our favourite influencers! Fallon is the founder of Influence Blak - an Indigenous Australian Influencer Resource. Catch our recent interview with Fallon here.
  • Renay Barker-Mulholland - Renay shares her life and experiences as a disabled First Nations woman - the good and the bad. She also shares the little things that spark joy on her platform, and it’s honestly so soothing.
  • Aretha Brown - Youth Activist, artist and comedian. Aretha takes heavy influence from her identity as a queer, Blak, young person living in the confinements of an urban settler colony.
  • Nornie Bero - head chef and business owner of Mabu Mabu, aka home of some BEST Indigenous Australian food you’ll ever eat (yes, we’ve been lucky enough to try it!)

One Lioness To Another

“The possibility is what drives me.”

-Alicia Garza

January 19, 2023
Shilpa Bhim