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Welcome to this week’s Glowreel! In the news this week we’ve broken down some stats from the latest Hollywood Diversity Report. The key takeaway: things are getting better, but there’s a lot of room for improvement.

Meanwhile, this week’s trailblazing woman highlights the importance of mindset & manifestation - in business and in life. Perfect timing with it being the biggest manifestation day of the year!

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News Of The Week

May the odds be ever in our favour 👀

Glowreel amplifying women of colour


More diversity coming to a TV screen near you 📺 The latest Hollywood Diversity Report by UCLA is out. It analyses the racial, ethnic, and gender (including transgender and non-binary) identities of those working in key jobs on Hollywood’s top films and TV shows in any given year.

The stats: In 2020-21, female leads increased across free-to-air, pay TV and streaming services compared to the 2019-20 period. However, female leads only outnumbered male leads in streaming services (58.6% female, 40.9% male) 📈

There's still a way to go for people of colour (POC). The report finds that significant gains have been made for POC in all 12 key Hollywood employment areas examined in the report. Despite this, POC “remained underrepresented on every industry employment front during the 2020-21 television season.” (The report doesn’t distinguish between gender identities for POC).

Speaking of representation on TV: The Sharma sisters are taking over 👯‍♀️ Simone Ashley wants to be in the driver’s seat over at British Vogue, and Charithra Chandran is the next rising starPlus: Michaela Coel on the pride she felt joining Wakanda Forever.

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Extra Nuggets 👀

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What we’re loving this week:

Watch - My Mind And Me. Selena Gomez’s new documentary … spoiler alert: keep some tissues in your pocket! 💜

Make - Spicy pumpkin pasta bake by Shanika, aka Orchids + Sweet Tea. For when you want a dose of carbs + deliciousness. 🎃

Listen - The Career Sisterhood podcast by Rebecca Leppard. This episode is a bit of a shameless plug! I speak to Rebecca about my career journey so far, why I started Glowreel and the importance of diversity (and allies!) in government 🎧

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Trailblazing Woman Interview

LaTisha Styles: How Mindset Leads To Success

Glowreel x LaTisha styles amplifying BIPOC women and women of colour

Image: supplied; via Marcus D Porter Studios.

Meet LaTisha Styles. She’s a marketing expert, mentor to high-achievers and founder of You've Got Clients - where LaTisha helps entrepreneurs shift subconscious blocks so they can thrive financially. 

Her secret weapon? Mindset (it really does matter - LaTisha even manifested her husband with it!)

We caught up with LaTisha to learn all about her journey as a founder, and her top tips for how you can blaze your own trail. Oh, and she shares a very cool fun fact about herself … Let's go!

Hi LaTisha, we’d love to get to know you!

Hi! I’m LaTisha Styles. I'm a middle child -  that's important to know because I feel like it shaped my life as an entrepreneur. It's made me more scrappy!

I’m the founder of You've Got Clients - we help coaches create and fill their coaching programs with high quality clients. I also teach clients about marketing -  how to create content and create sales systems that bring clients to them.

A fun fact about me: my dad's cousin once roomed with the director of a movie and he liked our last name so much that he named one of the characters after my family! So if you’re familiar with Boys In The Hood, there's a character in there named Furious Styles. That last name came from my family.

Can you tell me more about You’ve Got Clients and how you help your clients shift subconscious blocks? 

After starting You’ve Got Clients and working with client after client I realised that a successful outcome wasn't necessarily tied to the inputs. It was an internal game.

I determined that there were common subconscious blocks that a lot of clients struggle with and some things that I've struggled with as well. We would focus on that first. 

Sometimes people hear the word mindset and they're like “oh, that's just woo woo, that's not important.” I want to ask them, have you actually worked with people who have everything they need to succeed, but still have a hard time succeeding? If not, then you don't quite understand how important mindset is. 

There's a couple of different exercises that we do at the start, and those exercises lay the foundation and we refer back to it as I work with my clients.

You’ve also manifested your dream career. Can you tell me more about where you started and how you ended up where you are today?

One thing that I always paid attention to is, is this something that I'm doing because I want to do it? Am I doing it because I feel like I have to do it? And, what is the outcome? These questions have got me to where I am now.

I started out working my retail job full-time after graduating college because I felt like I had to do it (my manager had asked me to go full-time). Then I decided to take life into my own hands. I went  back to school for a finance degree. I didn’t want a cubicle job but I figured that this would help set me up financially.

The great recession hit as I graduated - people were being laid off in finance. I felt like I’d failed after deciding to take action with my life! I started a personal finance blog and got a finance job. I never wanted a cubicle job, so asked myself why am I doing this?

I was making money from my blog and got to a place where I thought I could take it full time. So I quit my job on Friday the 13th! My boss said to me, “you picked a hell of a day to quit!” I went back to a corporate job after a few months - I wasn’t making much from my blog, even though I had more time to work on it. It wasn’t the right business model for me.

I wasn’t happy and asked myself “do I believe in the potential that I say that I have?” My answer was yes! I identified I needed guidance on how to succeed in my own business - I was going to make this work no matter what. I hired a mentor, got my first consulting client, started teaching workshops and grew the business from there. I quit that second corporate job after 3 months and have been self-employed for 7 years now, since October 2015.

The challenges and highlights of your business journey so far?

Challenges: One of the biggest challenges for me has been focus. Being able to choose one thing and sticking with it. I shifted focus with my business a few times and started helping clients in the area of marketing about 3 years ago. Once I chose that focus, the business started really growing. Obviously it's an organic process figuring out what you really want to do. I just wish that I had known that I want to help clients with marketing systems, so just start there and keep going.

I'm also an emotional person in general. Sometimes my emotions can dictate my decisions and my goal is to pay attention to that as much as possible and  try to mitigate it without becoming a robot. I do believe that emotions can help you with your decision making, but it shouldn't be the main driver.

Highlights: The biggest highlight was my very first client that said yes to a high ticket offer. One of the areas that I help clients in is helping them to raise their rates and feel confident in the rate that they have. 

The only reason I'm able to do that is because I was once the person who was basically charging pennies for my skills. I was coming from the mindset of an employee where you get paid a specific salary for a specific task versus when you're a business owner, your goal is to create value and you get paid for the value that you create. Then I got a mentor and she told me to double my rates. So I did and I pitched that to the next client and they said yes. And I remember thinking like, wow, it was really that easy.

Your top tips for women of colour who want to blaze their own trail?

  1. My top tip would be to understand how to separate your emotions from the decisions that you have to make. 
  2. Surround yourself with people that you trust who can be a sounding board, but don't necessarily need to make that final decision. Often in the past I would delegate the decision making because I didn't necessarily trust myself. 
  3. Finally, FOCUS. This is an acronym I use that stands for Follow One Course Until Successful.

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