Let’s Talk About Those ‘Hush-Hush’ Topics

She’s back! Another week, another round of applause for BIPOC Women who are achieving big things 👏🏽

I also caught up with the awesome team behind Coconut Chats on what they do, and why they do it. The key takeaway? Always believe in yourself.

I’ve been heads down with some planning and exciting interviews. I’m so excited to share more with you from next week. There’s big things ahead: some partnerships and deals for you, interviews that give you tangible tips for breaking the glass ceiling and more of you being featured in Glowreel 👀

But for now, let's get glowing


P.S. In this week’s feel-good moment, Kyla Clapper is the first Black business owner in her town! The magical moment on happened on 2/2/2022 annnd during Black History Month ... whoa!

Victoria’s Secret And Financial Literacy But For ... Us?

Glowreel - Women of Colour - Victoria's Secret for BIPOC Women

The New VS Love Cloud Collection = Representation. Here’s Hoping It’s Genuine 🤞🏾

Representation ... At Victoria’s Secret?: Puerto Rican model Sofía Jirau has made history as the first model for Victoria's Secret (VS) with Down syndrome. "One day I dreamed of it, I worked on it and today it is a dream come true,” says Sofía. We’re happy for and proud of Sofía! Her debut is part of the new VS Love Cloud collection. AKA, the collection signalling a rebrand and focus on inclusivity for VS, which is great to see. But after years of being non-inclusive, the question is, is this new direction performative, or genuine? Time will tell on this one 👀

Inspiration And Empowerment ... Money, Money, Money: Raise your hand if money was a ‘hush-hush’ topic for you growing up 🤫 ... Sim and Sonya from Girls That Invest are changing the money and investing game for women everywhere. Because financial literacy is cool, and not just for the bros. P.S. keep your eyes peeled for an interview with Sim in Glowreel! She’s got some tangible tips for breaking through barriers to share with you.

See also: The founders of Bubble Tea Club have secured $400K in funding. Meanwhile, Dia Simms and Erin Harris are driving diversity in the drinks business.

Glowreel Reco

You Need To Read: Hood Feminism: Notes from the Women That a Movement Forgot by Mikki Kendall

If it’s not intersectional, it’s not feminism! Kendall explores the feminist movement and how the focus is not on basic survival for the many, but on increasing privilege for the few. She asks how can we stand in solidarity as a movement when there is the distinct likelihood that some women are oppressing others?

Extra Nuggets

Coconut Chats: Breaking Down Taboo Topics In The Brown Community

Glowreel - Women of Colour - Coconut Chats: Breaking Down Taboo Topics In The Brown Community

From L-R, Dr Chris Mallika Bhadra, Harita Gandhi-Kashyap and Soumita Kar Chakraborty

Meet Dr Chris Mallika Bhadra, Harita Gandhi-Kashyap and Soumita Kar Chakraborty. This dynamic trio are behind Coconut Chats.

Coconut Chats is a podcast founded by Chris and named by Harita. “Coconut refers to all our hosts being Indian but living in western countries”.

The ladies openly talk about taboo topics within the South Asian community - many of which relate to other ethnically and culturally diverse communities too.

What is Coconut Chats podcast about?

Coconut Chats is a podcasting platform dedicated to discussing socially repressed/taboo topics in a typical South Asian community. The main mission is to keep breaking the boundaries and initiate difficult conversations which help in creating an awareness. Coconut Chats is currently in the middle of it’s fourth season and has spoken with guests from US, UK and Australasia.

Some previously covered topics as an example include rape in marriages, impacts of colonization from a South-Asian perspective, South-Asian and disabilities, miscarriages, transgender rights, abortion rights and starting non-profit organisations.

Who is this podcast for?

Coconut Chats is for anyone and everyone who has had a difficult journey and needs a voice to be heard. Coconut Chats strongly promotes gender inclusivity. This podcast maintains Zero Tolerance toward any man-made barrier that tends to create a divide.

Any tips/advice for anyone wanting to start their own podcast?

Follow your heart with what you want to speak about. Never mince your words for whatever anyone else might tell you to do. Have the conviction in yourself and the mission of your podcast. You may start slow and small but will eventually win in the long run. It is always about the journey you undertake to reach to your destination. Always believe in yourself.

One Lioness To Another

The people who put you down don’t have to stop you from chasing your dreams. Stand up and prove them wrong.

-Selena Gomez
January 19, 2023
Shilpa Bhim