It’s All About The Rhinestone Butterfly

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This week we’re covering the main bits you need to know about the Olympics (fashion), BIPOC women making waves in business and leadership and Black History Month.

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P.S. In this week’s feel-good moment, Haven Everly’s mum is blowing up the internet with her INCREDIBLE voice! She really could give Adele a run for her money.

Olympics But Make It ✨ Fashion ✨

Olympics But Make It ✨ Fashion ✨

Peep the rhinestone butterfly on Karen Chen’s dress 👀; Image via Getty Images

Olympics but make it ✨ fashion ✨: Interesting mix, but we are here for it! The Winter Olympics are in full swing. We love to tune in to all the Olympics news, but today is all about the Olympic fashion. Check out Zhou Jiaying who’s paying tribute to her heritage through her dragon themed hockey gear. Meanwhile, Karen Chen’s mum lovingly made her purple free skate dress - how sweet! Bonus points if you spot the rhinestone butterfly!

See also: Not the Winter Olympics or fashion, but Summer Olympics superstar Suni Lee scored her first perfect 10 for Auburn University. The celebration when she lands is everything.

Business and leadership: Move over white, male CEOs! Nazia Shahrin is leveraging visibility and mentoring to increase the advancement of young women of colour in finance and tech. Merline Saintil and Robin Washington are also improving representation on corporate boards through Black Women on Boards.

See also: This study found that people are more likely to appoint women and people of colour to be leaders in difficult times - aka, the glass cliff. There’s more research to be done. But initial findings point to a desire for change, and for stereotypically “female” traits, in times of crisis.

Glowreel Reco

Cook up a storm this week: Black History Month Virtual Potluck

Founded by Meiko Temple, the potluck is branded under Eat the Culture. Eat the Culture is a space that nurtures, supports, and amplifies Black culinary creators 👏🏽

Extra Nuggets

Black History Month: 5 Black Women To Listen To, Learn From And Support

February is Black History Month in the US and Canada. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite Black Women who share their stories, experiences and Black history to listen to, learn from and support all year round. Let’s go!

  1. Nicole Cardoza - Founder of Anti-Racism Daily: A daily newsletter that provides reporting, education and action for dismantling white supremacy. You’re in for a whole lot of learning (and un-learning).
  2. Zai Sylla - Zai recommends books, films and TV series with a variety of strong black leads. Her videos are easy to digest and incredibly informative.
  3. Tamkara Adun - Author, Educator, Researcher, Indigenous African Historian and founder of Odunife African Language & History School. Tamkara has a particular focus on teaching African history from a decolonized and African centred narrative.
  4. Amanda Parris - Television and radio host for the CBC who also has a weekly column on Black art and culture. Parris is known for telling the stories of people that nobody else is sharing.
  5. Blair Imani - Blair’s ‘Smarter In Seconds’ will make you more aware and informed ... in seconds! Blair covers a wide range of topics in her series, including race and racism.

One Lioness To Another

“Always stay true to yourself and never let what somebody else says distract you from your goals."

-Michelle Obama
January 19, 2023
Shilpa Bhim