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Film and music

"I never thought I’d live to see the day” 💬 The Academy finally issued a formal apology to Sacheen Littlefeather. Just 50 years after she refused an Oscar (on behalf of Marlon Brando) to protest against the misrepresentation of Native Americans by the US film industry.

See also: Solange Knowles (yep, Queen Bey's sister) is the 2nd Black woman, and 3rd woman ever, to compose an original piece for the New York City BalletAnd: Introducing Dr Michelle Yeoh! She’s the first Asian person to receive an honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from the American Film Institute.


Sound the alarm ⏰ Tiah Tomlin-Harris is making sure Black women get better information on toxins in beauty products. The breast-cancer survivor learned that parabens and phthalates uniquely increase the growth  of breast-cancer cells in Black women following her diagnosis a few years ago.

See also: Black women from around the world share their birth stories - the good, the bad and the ugly. And: Scotland is the first country to make period products free for all!

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Watch - Never Have I Ever, Season 3. If you haven’t watched it yet, get on it! Humour, sass, and a dash of spice - Season 3 is my favourite so far.

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Raquel García: Making Businesses Legit!

Image: supplied

Raquel García is the definition of multi-hyphenate! With a background in corporate law, she’s also moonlighted as a fitness instructor and has two successful businesses under her belt. The first is Glow Candy - a profit-for-purpose candle company. A tree is planted for every candle sold. Save the planet while indulging in self-care? Here for it!

Raquel’s main business is Legiterati: a branding and trademarks firm that’s keeping businesses legit. 

We sat down with Raquel to hear more about her journey to starting her own firm, the highlights and challenges of being your own boss and to hear Raquel’s top tips on how you can blaze your own trail. Let’s go!

How did you go from corporate law to starting your own firm?

My mum always dreamed of me becoming a lawyer! My undergrad degree is in journalism and I was on track to achieving that goal, but then the GFC happened. All the major journalism jobs were being laid off so I decided to do post-grad in law. I started working as a paralegal while studying and ended up specialising in trademarks. Honestly, I was happy being an employee and working my way up the corporate ladder. 

I got into fitness while working at the law firm and one of the managers at my gym told me I was really good and should consider teaching. I did my research, got qualified and started working as a fitness instructor a few times a week. I was working in law full-time too. Fast forward a couple of years and I ended up quitting law to teach fitness full-time - I loved it so much! 

When COVID hit, the gyms shut, and I had time to reassess what I wanted to do. I launched Glow Candy. I was networking with lots of other small business owners and a lot of them would ask me how to get a trademark after learning about my legal background. Often small business owners were neglecting trademarks and then would find out the hard way that it’s an important part of building their business and brand. 

I realised I could help people fill this gap and that’s how Legiterati was born!

Highlights and challenges of starting your own firm?

The main challenge was the fear of the unknown. I launched at the start of the pandemic and had no idea of how things were going to do. Another ongoing challenge is showing my face more in the business. I want my businesses to speak from themselves - I don’t want it to be all about me. But I’m taking my own advice and showing up more. Finally, being your own boss is a challenge - the success of the business is all on you.

One of my biggest highlights was being invited to do a master class for Business Chicks! They’re a business I really look up to. Honestly, all the times I’ve been invited to talk about the business and brand protection - whether that’s at startup incubators or in publications like Glowreel - is a massive highlight. I never really expected to do things like this. I’m a natural introvert. But being sought out to do it has got me out of my comfort zone and I’m really embracing it.

One more highlight is being able to work from anywhere and not having to ask anyone for permission! I’m currently Working From Holiday™ and I feel really blessed to be able to do this. Juggling meetings across different time zones is a bit of a challenge but it really comes down to time management. I’m usually able to balance getting my work done with enjoying the place I’m visiting.

Your top tips for how BIPOC women can blaze their own trail?

Don’t be afraid to show up and don’t be afraid to network. I know, it’s easy to say but hard to do. As BIPOC women we've been conditioned by Western society and also our parents and elders just to be happy in the shadows. We’re taught to go to uni and get a degree to get a good paying job, and just to be grateful to have that job. We’re taught to not make noise, and just be that person who's accepted. 

It’s good to get uncomfortable though. So don’t be afraid to show up, and be true to yourself while you’re doing it. And don’t be afraid to network. It’s energising to be connected with other people who are like minded, or in the same industry as you, or even people who you aspire to be like. It’s all hard in the beginning. But once you show up, put yourself out there and are true to yourself, everything will fall into place.

Lioness Thoughts

It isn’t where you come from; it’s where you’re going that counts

-Ella Fitzgerald

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January 19, 2023
Shilpa Bhim